June 20, 2024



At IDEAL we are closing the XRStage 2023-2024 series with RITUALS OF SOLSTICE, a visual, sonorous and immersive staging that seeks to invoke, through music, voice and visual arts, the summer solstice with ancestral rituals brought to the present time with TERCER.

El santo baila bajo el sol & Solsticio Discplay

Conceived as a sound and visual procession, EL SANTO BAILA BAJO EL SOL is an immersive journey through the iconography and emblematic rituals of this sacred day, invoking the rich oral tradition that sustains it. Directed by Chica Acosta and Dj Sosa RD, with Chepe in charge of the visuals, this live audiovisual immerses you in a sensory experience that transcends time and space, through the mystical paths of the celebration of San Juan.

SOLSTICIO DISCPLAY will be a new sound and visual journey through Ambient, Bass Music, and Changa, a reinterpretation of electronic dance music in the key of Minitecas and Discplays, key elements of the Venezuelan mobile Sound Systems culture. In collaboration with RGB Corp (who also participated as visual artists in the Sònar festival), this show will be unique and unrepeatable, adapted to the characteristics of the Ideal, in honor of a new solar cycle and the change of season, with echoes of Caribbean syncretism typical of these dates.


Mónica Gómez Vesga, known as Chica Acosta, is a Colombian DJ based in Barcelona, Spain. She is the host of “La Candela Viva”, a monthly program on Dublab.es, which explores Afro-Caribbean percussion and singing traditions, especially those performed by women. She is also part of the DJ collective Syn Sync and the agency Club Trampolin. Her Caribbean roots resonate strongly in her club-oriented sets, permeating through the darker side of house music and tropical bass.


Julio Sosa, conocido como DJ Sosa RD, es un artista dominicano nacido en 1988 que se ha destacado en la intersección del arte instalativo y audiovisual, la producción musical y los DJ sets. Comenzó su carrera en 2006 en Santo Domingo y en 2013 se trasladó a España. A través de su música, ha logrado fusionar la cultura rave y subversiva con el ambiente político del techno y los ritmos caribeños, creando un contexto único de ironía, armonía y diversidad cultural. Sus trabajos se han distribuido en plataformas internacionales reconocidas, como NTS y Dublab. 


Peruvian multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. His work is composed of forms of expression through music and audiovisual design in which, as a product of exploration, research and conceptualization of the image as a starting point, he generates projects that spread in multiple dreamlike outcomes.
projects that spread in multiple oneiric outcomes.


Phran es un artista, productor de música electrónica y DJ venezolano, radicado en Barcelona desde hace más de 10 años. Su música ha sido editada por sellos como Klasse Wrecks, Butter Sessions y el sello Hivern Discs. Ha participado en el festival Sónar de Barcelona, donde en 2023 presentó el directo “Vimana Discplay”, un tributo audiovisual a las minitecas venezolanas. Recientemente, editó un fanzine titulado “Logos of the Venezuelan Minitecas” (también con Klasse Wrecks) y fue uno de los artistas invitados por ARCA para tocar en el primer Boiler Room realizado Caracas, Venezuela.. Es fundador de los sellos Vimana y ACA, y forma parte de los artistas de la plataforma Lapsus en Barcelona. 


Since 2007 it has functioned as a hybrid between a studio and an audiovisual technology production company. Specializing in the development and implementation of real-time motion graphics, video and set design for musicians, bands, multidisciplinary artists and commercial clients. Among its highlights we can count multiple interventions in festivals and events such as: Luz Madrid, Nit dels Museus, Sonar, Monegros, Rototom, Cruilla, Outlook, Dubquake, Batalla de los Gallos CDMX, Gala Cadena 100, Eurovision Spain. Among many other creative projects related to real-time visuals.


For more than 10 years, different Venezuelan percussionists, artists and culture lovers based in Barcelona have been keeping alive the tradition of the “Tambores de San Juan”, through the platform “San Juan entre dos pueblos”, founded by Professor Tati Carama. With drums as particular as the “cumaco”, the “tambor largo” or the “culo e puya”, the tradition of the drums of San Juan, is a sound and dance event authentically Venezuelan, born from the syncretism between Western religious traditions and the cultural idiosyncrasy of the various African groups present in the Venezuelan coast, intermingled and remixed over the centuries. A tradition that is still alive to this day in every coastal town in Venezuela. “San Juan entre dos Pueblos” is the name of the cultural association that represents these celebrations in the city of Barcelona.


TERCER is a platform for the production and dissemination of interdisciplinary artistic projects based in Barcelona and Madrid. Our goal is to rethink the notion of a unique and homogeneous Latin American identity, through a process of individual and collective thinking. We believe that the red threads that unite us are thick and resistant.
We are united by a gentilicio and the dream of a common language. A rich soundscape that precedes us and that we learn to recognize even before we can speak. Natural frontiers that make evident the arrogance of physical borders.
Our mission is to offer a THIRD space where all the sonorities that cross us can fit. We want to vindicate the Latin American sound palette, as wide and broad as our geography. To propose a THIRD landscape and recover ancestral forms of moving the body that have been relegated by modernity and the cosmopolitan illusion. A THIRD state of grace that is at the height of our richness.

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