On 8 November 2023

Starts at 9 pm


Moonai is a sound wellness app designed to relieve menstrual pain and enhance mental clarity through frequencies supported by neuroscience and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The platform fuses immersive digital art, psychedelic therapeutic experiences and functional music, creating a technology with a significant social impact.

The project advocates menstrual equity and universal access to safe and hormonal solutions to improve women’s health. It also promotes neurological music and addresses educational issues that are often overlooked, such as body literacy, psychedelic therapy and sexual well-being.

During the event at IDEAL, we will enjoy a stunning audiovisual live show by the artist and functional music Fernanda Aleman. In this performance, Fernanda will use synthesizers, modular instruments and acoustic elements to enhance the feeling of well-being in the public. The sound will be transmitted through wireless Bluetooth headphones, thus creating an immersive environment that fuses sound, visual and atmospheric landscapes, and that establishes connections between nature, welfare science and audiovisual art.

In addition, we will have the privilege of having the talk entitled Functional art: sound waves and digital experiences for wellness. At this event, two invited experts from the world of sound waves and frequencies will join Moonai founder and CEO Laura-June Clarke to discuss how functional music (music used for purposes other than entertainment such as health) is being perceived nowadays and in the following years by creators in their performance or production or by audio technology experts regarding the industry’ R&D, focus or commercial strategy. 

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