From October 19 to December 28, 2023

Starts at 9 pm


At IDEAL MEDIA SERVER SESSIONS we will present the best works of digital art currently on display in the country. New creations by local and international artists that show the creative possibilities of new technologies and the ability of the centre as a space for innovation and experimentation.

These works honour those who are passionate about this sector and the artists who nurture it, pointing to a key element in this whole process: the server. The element that allows us to store and reproduce all these works. So we can make them available to our audience.

Innovation, technology, immersivity, talent and audiovisual media on the IDEAL BARCELONA


Onionlab is a multidisciplinary studio that directs and produces audiovisual installations and exhibitions. Onionlab is based in Barcelona, working worldwide.

The studio’s works are centered around aesthetic attention to detail and technical innovation. Combining space and content is one of its strongest points. It has extensive experience creating interactive and audio-visual installations for top-level events and exhibitions, including the most renowned light festivals around the world, such as Fete des Lumieres in Lyon, Llum BCN, Solid Light Festival in Rome, I Light Singapore, Festival Constellations in Metz and Signal Festival in Prague.

Climate is a mapping projection that invites you to reflect on two possible and opposing futures. An utopia where we have been able to halt climate change, where we can live in balance with nature, and a dystopian future where we have not stopped climate change, and environmental disasters become an absolute reality. Music and sound design by Unai Lazcano.

Paradoxa is an experiential mapping that reflects on leaps in time. A conceptual journey that invites spectators to change the past to improve the present and save the future.

Music and sound design by Unai Lazcano.



Jordi Massó is a visual artist who focuses his work on videomapping, real-time visuals and immersive and interactive environments. He was part of Eyesberg Studio where he participated in large format installations for events, theater and opera, collaborating with artists such as Franc Aleu, Albert Pla or La Fura dels Baus. He made his solo debut in 2019 with the fulldome film “Smartzombies”, presented at the Mira Festival. In 2023 he presents “Warp It”, a piece in immersive format premiered at IDEAL, Center d’Arts Digitals. He is currently in charge of the innovation and video department of this center focused on immersive arts.

An ode to all the video freaks who have spent so many sleepless nights, moving points and lines in front of a building to make a video mapping. A dreamlike universe of test patterns, pixels, grids and the occasional video error. A journey that shows the hidden art of warping processes in immersive environments.



Tatiana Halbach (Barcelona) and Søren Christensen (Denmark) are the creative force of desilence.

At the core of desilence are the love for painting, for the captivating motion, the diligence to go the last mile to find the balance.

Since 2005 we have been carefully creating by the name ‘Desilence’ – Big stage shows, live visuals, visual scenography, musicals, dance performance, installations, our portfolio reaches wide. We believe in research and careful crafting.

In the realm where memories intertwine with dreams, there exists a phenomenon known as “Paramnesico”

This work is a kaleidoscope of emotions and fragments in which the enchanter of the mind’s theatre invites us to explore the labyrinthine corridors of recollection, where the past, present, and imagined future intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of shadows and light.

Music by : Siriusmo


Argentinian digital artist and industrial designer based in Berlin. He has been engaged in various disciplines, from lectures, workshops and audiovisual performances to video art projects focused on the new paradigms of Digital Culture. Deeply involved in the remix culture and real time AV projects in which he blends influences of different contexts – from post-work anthropology to the abstract quotes from 3D modelings for industrial design. His narrative is often quoting current social fears and dystopias, but mostly using the language of colorful, chaotic metaphysics.

– This is not 3D – is a combination of computer programs and representation errors that results in a multiple digital medium beyond binary concepts. It has no end and no beginning. These are digital objects that retain a certain degree of autonomy. There is no buffering or loading bars in this rendered reality. Only macrotextures and incredibly thin surfaces that do not exist in the physical world.

With this new work, the Argentine artist Lucas Gutierrez highlight his influences ranging from post-work anthropology to industrial design 3D modelling, often makes reference to current dystopias and social fears but, above all, he uses the language of colourful and chaotic metaphysics.

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