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“A reinvention of the iconic Viennese cabaret of the beginning of the century through art, music, technology and science”

The Fledermaus Kabarett (The Bat Cabaret) opened in Vienna in 1907. There were parodies, poetic declamations, musical shows, dance and all kinds of artistic expressions. KLIMT and the Secession artists took charge of the decoration of the space and the posters design, the making of clothing for the artists or the authorship of texts of stage proposals. 

What would artists like KLIMT or Kokoschka have done if, instead of having a Vienna basement at their service, they could have displayed their mosaics on a 1000 m2 screen like the one in IDEAL? We will never know. But what we can do is recover and recreate the transgressive, creative and revolutionary spirit by inviting multidisciplinary artists to be inspired by the new digital scenography proposed by IDEAL from the pictorial work of KLIMT.


May 5th, 19th, 26th + june 2nd: Alexandrae (with Elena Tarrats and Marc Vilajuana)

June 9th, 6th, 23rd and 30th: Grauwi Marta Cascales

July 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th: Delafé – intimate concerts (Delafé + Marina Prades)


Alexandrae is the duet music project by multidisciplinary artists Marc Vilajuana and Elena Tarrats. Alexandrae creates and transmits from what they call everyday mysticism, a musical language of its own that transports ancient and archaic vocal sounds into contemporary terrain. They are interested in the dialogue between an ancient culture and mysticism and contemporary everyday life, treated from a minimalist perspective. They weave calm and respectful music using the minimum possible ingredients. They seek the essence in the recovery of the ancestral, leaving aside rationalism and communicating from an everyday mysticism everything they believe needs to be said.

Alexandrae is the return to the roots from a progressive attitude; because they want to help deconstruct a society that is killing the world. They believe that art should serve to question, to inspire towards a lifestyle more connected to oneself, to ask oneself if all the pleasures of the welfare society are needed, to honor nature and share the potential for intimacy.

You can see them at IDEAL from May 5th, as they will be the first artists to give life to the 21st century Fledermaus Kabarett.

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