MAY 2021 - NOVEMBER 2022

Residency at Ideal

Universe is a creative tech studio that has been developing innovative projects in the field of virtual reality for 5 years. These projects include collaborations with brands such as Audi, Nike, Netflix … among others, as more than half of the projects are international.

Within the world of virtual reality, they have been developing their own technology for 2 and a half years: virtual reality for multi-users. This allows them to create and manage experiences in the same physical space.

They are currently working on the development of a new project – very innovative in its field – of multi-user virtual reality in large spaces. This is a new format that fuses the concepts of physical exposure with virtual reality, turning it into a physical space where people can interact with the content and people who are there from virtual reality, combining both worlds.

IDEAL, which shares the same vision for the future of virtual reality and creating new cultural experiences for people, has welcomed them into its space so that they can develop a prototype of their project.

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