final presentation for Data Modul of the Engineering in Industrial design master at Elisava



In the last twenty years, there have been a number of advances in the world of technology that has brought together creatives and developers of product towards the use of technologies, historically linked to centers of research and productive sectors that
could bear the implementation costs of this technology. Before this approach of creatives and developers emerges the profession of system integrator engineer . A holistic engineer with an eye to the future and with a great mastery of the discipline.

Project 1:  The Dark Cloud

The aim of the project is to make visible the environmental impact of our digital interaction. Through research, data capture and analysis, we have been able to calculate and represent this impact translated into CO2. For the extraordinary our own data, we cross this information with the data related to the impact and thus we can obtain a reliable representation of the impact generated by us.

Project 2

With the aim of using code as a creative medium, the work represents a journey that goes back 70 years in time, showing the musical-society relationship lived in each decade. After the extraction, analysis and process obtained in the Spotify API, the values of danceability, valence (happiness), energy, instruments, quantity of lyrics and acoustics, reveal how we have evolved as human beings in the face of the sociocultural context. according to the decade.

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