1 to 29 October, 2020

MIRA.mov “Exploring Visual Languages”, a new monthly series of screenings that explore contemporary digital culture, re-evaluating both new and old ways of thinking through innovative formats and narratives and presenting distinctive characteristics of digital media that reflect the current state of the art and its aesthetics through techniques such as CGI (computer-generated imagery), audiovisual immersion, video game engines and 3D digital animation. MIRA.mov will present 2 artists / screenings per month from September to December 2020.

MIRA.mov “Exploring Visual Languages”
September, October, November and December 2020

SEPTEMBER* Thursday 3, 10, 17 and 24 at 9:30pm.
“Geomancer” by Lawrence Lek
“We are at the end of something” by Keiken and Ryan Vautier

“Main-stream” by Cruelaudia
“Deep Down Tidal” by Tabita Rezaire

“D.^^.$.®. (dance.music.sex.romance)” by Samuel Fourarce
“Material Sentience Habitat Ring” by MSHR

“Gehenna 4.1” by Sevi Iko Domochevsky
Claudia Maté presents “Life Subscription”

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