From 26 October to 23 November, 2023

Starts at 9 pm


The natural realm is replete with intricate systems, biological processes and extraordinary forms that remain hidden and unattainable to human understanding. The works selected for “The hidden complexity of nature” present four different perspectives of that living, powerful and mysterious nature that we are only able to imagine.

What will you see with us?

Using millions of data from the North Atlas and the Bay of Biscay, the Ouchhh study immerses viewers in ocean and marine exploration. Giusy Amoroso explores alternative realities and reflects on the interconnection of nature, science and human perception. The MSHR collective weaves formal abstractions that manage to capture the dynamics present in natural systems, as well as in human understanding, and Cassie McQuater transports us through his works to a magical and colorful natural environment, populated by birds and flowers.


Spanish premiere, “Atlas Ocean Data” is an immersive experience that uses public intervention methods developed from millions of data collected from the North Atlas and the Bay of Biscay. In this work Ouchhh uses AI and machine learning algorithms to visually evoke the fluid cascading movements that characterize the marine world.

Ouchhh is a global creative studio that focuses on digital art and new media. He specializes in immersive and interactive experiences, AI, painting and data sculpture, as well as kinetic works. The collective is composed of a team of engineers, academics, creative programmers, designers, artists and graphic designers.


World premiere, “Beyond Perception” offers an immersive experience in which morphogenetic forms abound, and organic sculptures float ethereal in the water. With this work, the artist takes us on a journey of discovery of alternative realities, while reflecting on the intricate interconnection between nature, science and human perception.

Giusy Amoroso is an multi-disciplinary Italian digital artist and creative technologist with a diverse educational background in Product and Public Design and a Master’s in Computer Graphics. Her research focuses on exploring organic shapes and alternative representations of reality, drawing inspiration from the intricate structures and forms found in nature.



“Material Sentience Habitat Ring” is an array of interlocking zones that form a poetic simulation of reality, refracted through consciousness and software. MSHR’s computer-generated sonic and sculptural compositions weave formal abstractions that reflect the complex dynamics of natural systems and human perception.

MSHR is a collective formed by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. The duo builds and explores systems composed of sound, light, sculpture, software and circuits. His practice focuses on the realization of installations and performance, which integrate the design of the interface with generative systems and a distinctive formalistic approach.


“Love Birds, Night Birds, Devil-Birds” is a re-imagining of the surrealist story “The Debutante,” by artist Leonora Carrington, in which a young woman exchanges places with a hyena, masked in a suit of human skin, for her societal debut. Extravagant dresses made of anatomical parts, glass, and pink light swirl in pastoral landscapes populated by undulating fluorescent flowers, strange monsters and deconstructed birds, who paint the sky. Part of an on-going series exploring the mythological idea of women’s bodies as dangerous and poisonous gardens, with references to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “Rappaccini’s Garden” – the origin story of Batman’s Poison Ivy.

Cassie McQuater is a new media and video game artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. His practice involves hours of networked research, searching for digital artifacts that he uses to reflect and reinvent our relationship with narration.

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