At 9PM


*Show in original version – English with Spanish and Catalan subtitles

Tickets go on sale April 27th. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique show and be the first to get your tickets!

Next to Normal is the first Broadway title to be presented in a disruptive 100% immersive format. The musical that revolutionized musical theater a decade ago, will premiere a new version worldwide as part of the Barcelona Grec Festival in July 2022.

Its authors, Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt, have adapted the book into 60 minutes for an immersive space of 2000 square meters with an audience and actors sharing the same space.

British director Simon Pittman will take a completely new approach to the storytelling for this contemporary Pulitzer winner book, with a proposal without set design or props, with surround sound design and 360-degree projections on the walls and floor where the audience will live this story with the cast.

Again, Alice Ripley, who premiered this play on Broadway, will be Diana Goodman. A role both physically and emotionally challenging that at the time led her to win the Tony Award. With her, Andy Mr. Jr., Jade Lauren, Eloi Gomez and Lewis Edgar will complete the live cast. On this occasion, the role of the psychiatrist will be virtual, with the renowned Adam Pascal playing this character.

* Due to the sensible topics covered in this show, it is not recommended for minors under 14 years old.

  • * The audiovisual content can affect people with photosensitive epilepsy. The consequences of the possible effects are the viewer’s responsibility.


Diana: Alice Ripley
Dan: Andy Señor Jr.
Gabriel: Lewis Edgar
Nathalie: Jade Lauren
Henry: Eloi Gómez
Doctor Madden: Adam Pascal
Executive producers
Pablo del Campo and Jordi Sellas
Book and lyrics by
Brian Yorkey (book), Tom Kitt (music)
Simon Pittman
Music directior
Tómas Mayer Wolf
Visual Artists
Desilence (Tatiana Halbach, Søren Christensen)
Music Producer
Manuel Moreno
Sound designers
Iker Reñé and Roc Mateu
Lighting designer
Albert Faura
Costume designer
Míriam Compte
Associate director
David Pintó
Technic director
Pere Pau Hervás
Technic coordinator
Santiago Rosell
Sound director
Iker Rañé
Technical operator
Ventura López
Laura Enreig
Attretzo and costum assistant
Riccardo Tafuro
Isaac Vila
Communication director
Núria Navarro
A coproduction of DCGLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT S.L., LAYERS OF REALITY, S.L. and GREC 2022, Festival de Barcelona.


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