IDEAL, based in Barcelona, is the first center in south Europe to be dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts. With special emphasis in the immersive digital art, it’s a unique space that combines production of audiovisual works in diverse formats, exhibition and training in this area.

This emblematic building of the old neighbourhood of “La Plata”, opens its doors again in 2019 to become the future of museums and cinemas. IDEAL is a center dedicated to digital culture, with a unique technological equipment in Spain (Falten les dades específiques) , that experiments with immersivity by using audiovisual projections, augmented reality and holography to create a new relationship between art and society.

At IDEAL you can find experiences for all ages, in addition the center has a variety of activities and specialized learning/training programs for each type of public (kids, older, families, sectoral public, students,…)

The center has almost 2000 m2 dedicated to the exhibition, production and training of digital immersive arts. The main floor has 1500 m2: 800m2 for large format exhibitions, and also 3 multipurpose spaces to produce diverse acts and experiences.
On the second floor there are the offices and the artists in residency space, since IDEAL is also a center focused in developing local talent to create its own productions.