Claude Monet (Paris, 1840 – Giverny, 1926) was a pioneer in the use of free brushstroke and the author of the painting “Impression, rising sun” that served to give name to all Impressionist artistic movement. The exhibition combines state-of-the-art technologies to discover how Monet, leading a whole generation of artists, knew how to observe and represent reality in a revolutionary way. After the appearance of photography, the challenge of artists like Monet was to paint the changing reality, fleeting instants, understanding the art of painting as a spontaneous act.

Large-format projections in high definition will flood the central space of the IDEAL, explaining in a surprising way the particular pictorial technique of Monet and the history of his most popular works. A tribute to the painter who changed the history of art, learning to capture the beauty of the ephemeral.

In the area of virtual reality, visitors can walk through the most important destinations of the painter’s life: from his childhood in Le Havre, youth in Paris, stays in London, the Dutch refuge of Zaandam, family life to Argenteuil and his last stage in Giverny.

“Claude Monet, the immersive experience” is a unique proposal worldwide that invites you to immerse yourself in the most extraordinary masterpieces of impressionism.

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Poetic AI

The renowned Ouchhh studio has created “POETIC AI” an immersive exhibition that combines artificial intelligence and art. The studio selected approximately 20 million lines extracted of hundreds of books and articles written by scientists who have changed the destiny of the world and wrote history, then they transmitted it to an artificial intelligence. This AI assimilated all the information in its neural network and then it created a new discourse with a poetical approach. In the exhibition you can see the 3D visualization of his process that combines art, science and technology.

The futuristic exhibition that reflects “poetic journey of the artificial intelligence”, has the purpose to transform the everyday life cycle into a poetic universe with unpredictable realities, creating experiences that combine artificial intelligence and artistic interaction.